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Redondo Beach Heating Repair & Maintenance

Safe, Efficient Heating Repair Services in Redondo Beach

At Arneson Plumbing & Heating, we use proven maintenance techniques to help ensure your HVAC system's best performance. When your heater has stopped working properly, you can rely on us to show up and repair it quickly and efficiently. At our family-owned and operated company, our Redondo Beach heating repair professionals are committed to customer satisfaction and safety. If you're unsure whether your system would benefit from heater maintenance, we can help sort out your confusion.

Some of the most common issues we tackle include heaters that:

  • Have poor airflow
  • Have an unlit pilot light
  • Operate loudly
  • Take a long time to heat a home
  • Are not turning on at all

Reach out by calling us today at (310) 982-2374 to schedule your heater maintenance in Redondo Beach or nearby.

Furnace Repair Vs. Heat Pump Repair: What To Look For

Different heating systems work in different ways. Due to that, your type of heating system determines what specifics you should look for when determining if you're in need of heat pump or furnace repair.

You may need furnace repairs if you notice:

  • Dry or dusty air. As furnaces age, they could inhibit proper ventilation. Look out for stale/stuffy air quality, dying plants, or dust build-up.
  • Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Especially with older furnaces, CO can leak into your home causing health symptoms such as nausea, headaches, or flu-like symptoms. In addition to furnace repair, you might want to contact your gas company.
  • Carbon monoxide build-up in your chimney. Chimneys act as the furnace exhaust system. Because of that, if there is a CO leak, there will be a lack of upward draft, streaks of soot throughout the furnace, and rust build-up on the pipes.

You may need heat pump repairs if you notice:

  • Icy coils. This could be a symptom of two problems. First, there could be a leak of refrigerant. Second, it's entirely plausible that the coil is too dirty for heat absorption. In both cases a trained heat pump repair specialist should come as simply getting rid of the ice won't address the cause of the problem.
  • Your heating system is stuck at one temperature. This is indicative of a problem with the reversing valve. This means that you'll need to replace the reversing valve.

We do not recommend attempting heat pump repairs yourself. They are fairly complex machines with multiple parts and what's more likely to happen is that you'll do more harm than good. If you notice any of the above, please contact us, your Redondo Beach heating repair experts.

Maintenance Keeps Your System in Working Order

Heating systems, like any type of delicate equipment with many parts and components, require tune-ups to prevent major problems. Even newer heaters still benefit from being maintained regularly. Scheduling regular maintenance with a trained professional can not only save you money on repairs but also make your system run more efficiently.

Our heater maintenance routine may include:

  • Inspecting for electrical problems
  • Cleaning the air registers
  • Testing the pilot and ignition
  • Double-checking the burner
  • Cleaning blowers and vents
  • Inspecting the thermostat
  • Replacing the air filters as needed

Comprehensive Heater Repair in Redondo Beach

Maintaining your heating system is one of the most essential services we offer at Arneson Plumbing & Heating. We understand how even a small heating problem can disrupt your family's comfort, which is why we also offer reliable heating repair to our customers. Even a well-maintained heating system can occasionally run into problems and you need a company you can rely on to fix them. When you contact our Redondo Beach heating repair technicians, you can expect a prompt response and quality service.

To make an appointment for heating repairs in Redondo Beach, give us a call at (310) 982-2374.

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